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Rogerio RaucciRR Racing Team

I'm very happy to welcome Thomas. Soon in the first tests with his coach Renato Russo (8 times Brazilian Champion) and the mechanics of the team, Thomas demonstrated focus, determination and a strong and aggressive driving attitude. I'm sure we have a very talented and promising driver under our responsibility. RR RACING TEAM will work to enhance Thomas's talent getting ready for future categories of motor sport .

Waltinho TravagliniOwner Team TR3 Motorsport

I have trained more than 2,500 pilots. Among them were Ayrton Senna, Rubens Barrichello and Fernando Alonso. I can guarantee that Thomas is a completely competent pilot. Extremely fast, he has great talent. Despite the current lack of experience due to his young age, he is already very focused and fully engaged. Certainly he is and will be a very special pilot.

Magazine Speedway, motorsportAlex Ruffo, CEO

Charismatic, quickly determines objectives and engaged with what he's doing; Friendly outside the circuit and aggressive like a champion in the race ...

Reginaldo LemeTV Globo, Specialist Formel 1 and Motorsport

Thomas drives fantastic races and behaves in a manner which is rare nowadays ... This clearly shows that he is a very talented pilot.

José Rubens D’EliaRadio Globo, Personal Coach

Thomas is a young pilot, with a lot of talent and an exceptional potential considering his physical and behavioral aspects. He is exceptionally motivated, focused and very fast. His attributes: quick reflexes, aggressiveness, balance and determination. He combines all the characteristics of a champion and has a promising future ahead of him.

Beto JulianoCEO, HUB-LUB (Sport Marketing)

Thomas is a natural racing driver and has a brilliant career ahead of him. He is very focused and concentrated, which is extremely difficult to find in kids nowadays. Besides all the other qualities needed to be a good pilot, Thomas has something you can’t learn. He has talent!